Men’s, Ladies & Children’s Clothing

Clothing Repairs and Alterations

clothing repairs


SewBizz specializes in clothing repairs and clothing alterations.

We alter men’s, ladies and children’s clothing. You can arrange for uniforms, casual wear, business trousers, corporate wear, maternity wear, tailor made pants/trousers, suits, shirts to be be altered and repaired.


Children’s Clothing Alterations and Repairs

School and Sports Uniforms are under constant wear and tear.  SewBizz can alter and repair these items and save you the cost of replacement. We also repair and alter baby apparel, shirts, shorts and Parkas.

Ladies Clothing Alterations

Work attire, dresses, skirts, coats, scarfs and bags are all catered for. The expert staff at SewBizz will inspect, quote and alter your apparel.

  • Dresses – We can shorten and /or lengthen hems, take in side and centre back seams and replace zips.  We also lift shoulder seams, alter necklines, shorten straps and remove sleeves.
  • Skirts – We will shorten hems with or without lining, take in waist and side seams, replace zips, replace buttons and waist elastic.
  • Pants/shorts – shorten and/or lengthen hems, add/replace false hem, buttons, waist elastic, knee patches, re-do cuffs /splits/hems, take in or let out waist, add ½ pockets, gussets, saddles, replace zips, take in seams, restitch seams.

Mens Clothing Alterations

Work attire, overalls, shirts, suits, vests and ties. SewBizz can do it all. We are experienced in working with men’s attire.  We can repair or alter clothes for a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new outfit, .

  • Jeans – Put back the original hem, take in centre back seams, mending torn areas, replace jean studs, add patches to knees.
  • Suits/jackets/blazers/coats – Take in seams, replace shoulder pads, mend, shorten sleeve with or without vent, alter shoulders that are too wide.
  • Leather – replace shoulder pads, shorten sleeves and hems.
  • Vest – Take in side seams, remove back ties, take in seams.
  • Shirts – Take in seams, shorten hems, turn collars around, add buttonholes and buttons in collar, add darts.
  • Knitwear – hand stitch holes, shorten hem or sleeve.

The list of services SewBizz provides is not exhaustive. Please contact us by phone or email if you have any questions regarding an item of clothing. We will give you an honest, straight forward answer and assist you until you are satisfied.